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Need to Learn How to Make $50 Fast (or Lots More)?

how to make $50 fast
Our number one goal at MoneyGator is to help readers improve their financial well being, and we regularly partner with reputable companies that share that same vision. Some of the links in this post may be from our partners. You can see our full disclosures here.
I’m not here to judge anyone. People need to know how to make fast money for all sorts of legitimate reasons.
Maybe tomorrow is your little sister’s birthday and she’s been begging you to buy her that special doll that costs $50. Or maybe you owe $1,000 to a man named Viper. Or you might really need money to pay for this month’s rent. As I said, there are all sorts of legitimate reasons why you need to make $50 fast. Of course, you can make money from home with a second job doing crafts or preparing meals, or asking for a fast money loan without going through the bank.
But if you’re looking for creative and new ways to make money fast, I think you’ll love these 8 ideas I’ve compiled for you.

How to make $50 fast with these 8 amazing new methods

1. Collect the Loose Changeearnest money

In the search for fast money, the coins in your home must be your new ally. That silver trapped under the cushions on your couch and the pockets of your trousers are also valuable. According to an estimate, in each household, there are usually about $90 in loose coins. Other places where it is smart to search is in the bottom of your washing machine, under the seats of your car, in the backs and armrests of your car, and in the pockets of the coats that you never use.
Once you have collected all your treasure, you can go to spend it as you want-risking to put bad looks when you go to the market and buy $20 in vegetables only with coins-or convert it into bills. You can go to your usual bank, order those plastic bags in the form of rolls where you put all the coins you have, and when you’ve done this, make them change for money bills. Don’t worry, most banks won’t charge you anything for this.

2. Do surveys

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Paid online surveys are one of the best ways to earn extra money by answering a few simple questions. Then I share a free list of paid surveys (which I have used and are the best to get income) where you just have to register, and wait to receive surveys and earn money to answer the questions you ask.
Don’t use scammy websites that claim to offer hundreds. There are only a few reputable online survey sites. Click on the green button below to go to visit our top survey site pick. Remember, the registration on this site totally free (they’ll even give you $5 to enroll), and from the same day you join, you will start receiving surveys to earn extra money with them.

Need Easy Extra $50 Right Now?

Pro Tip: Looking for a Side Hustle?

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3. This method is terrifying!test driving a used car

If you’re not a chicken like me, and you don’t get any fear of needles (or you can bare them at least), consider seriously selling the plasma of your blood, or donating eggs (if you’re a woman) or sperm (if you’re a man). Many college students have gone to centers to sell their plasma for decades and thus get $35 per hour. Donating plasma or blood is perfectly safe for any young and healthy person and can be done twice a week. and also the plasma itself – which is the liquid fraction of the blood – is used by doctors to save lives. For me, it’s a terrifying idea because I panic the needles, but if you’re brave, you can do $280 a month without any effort!
Donating sperm is paid very well (between $40 and $200 per specimen) although it is not exactly a way to make money fast because it is usually a few months that will take all donations. However, when you finish the whole process if you have been chosen as a donor, you will find that you have obtained more than $1,500 for your sperm! So it’s a pretty juicy and sweet deal for the amount of money you’ll earn.

4. Don’t be shy and return what you don’t want!how to make 300 dollars fast

Returning purchases you’ve made in exchange for money is the best way to turn a buyer’s remorse into sheer bliss. Think about those items you’ve bought in the last 90 days that are still in their boxes with their labels or at least look like new. Many stores will refund your money if you bring these products along with their bills, or at least they will give you credit for that store. For details, review the return policies for that establishment.
But how do you make money fast with this idea if you don’t have your bill or receipt? Returning items without the receipt is an art in itself. Some stores have policies in which you can return something purchased for less than $25 if you do not have the receipt. and others can look for your bill for you if you show the credit card you used when buying. However, there are smaller, more stringent businesses where you expect nothing more than to give you credit at your local. But even so, you may have to strive to convince them.

5. If your yard looks like a car graveyard…find cash buyers now

… then consider derailing some of the pieces of iron, metal or copper to get some good tickets.
Many people know how to make money fast with these materials, and that is why it is a method that is increasingly used. Scrap yards and metal recycling businesses pay for every pound of new, used, or extremely used items made of ferrous materials such as iron or metal, or less common (and non-ferrous) such as aluminum, copper, or tin. Copper is definitely the most valuable metal, sold for about $3 a pound depending on your location.
The most common forms of copper are copper pipes and copper wires. Tin is another valuable metal, sold for more than $2 a pound. Some old cars – like those that are parked and abandoned for years on your street – have radiators with enough copper. You’ll need a pickup truck to take these materials to a junk shop, but once you’re there, the process will take a few minutes and you can make money fast. And besides, they’ll pay you at the same time of purchase.

6. How to make fast money only with water!top class actions

Don’t know what to do to make fast money in an extremely easy way? Here’s the solution: sell freshwater bottled on hot days! Although I warn you that depending on where you live, it may not be a legal method. It is true that in many cities in several countries it is illegal to sell water in bottles if you do not have a seller’s license and the health department. But unless the police in your city only dedicate themselves to incarcerating everyone who sees the street, your operation to sell water should go unnoticed. This is one of the best business to make money fast. The key to this type of business is to buy low and sell high.
A box of 24 500 milliliters of water bottles is usually sold for about $7 in large shopping centers or supermarkets. If you can sell each bottle for between $1.5 or $2, you will be doing $48 that, discounting the $7 that cost you the bottles in the supermarket, would be $41 of net profits for you. And you can make this money fast in just about an hour. The location is key: If the weather is hot and your product is fresh, you can find customers wherever you look, whether in a park, the entrance to a Metro or bus station, or at the entrance or exit of a sporting event.

7. Sell Your Cardsapps that pay you real money

This is an interesting proposition. Let’s say an uncle of yours sends you a $30 gift card for Starbucks for your birthday, but you can’t stand the taste of coffee or the music they put in these establishments. Instead of having $20, the only thing you’ve got is a useless plastic card that serves you for nothing, unless you can find someone to buy it. The good news is that you don’t need to stand in front of a Starbucks begging people to take that card out of your hands.
There are totally legal places where you can buy and sell gift cards from all kinds of shops to make money fast. It is true that you will not be paid the full value of the card, but in many places, you will pay up to 90% of the money they contain. You can sell them on pages like CardCash if you live in the United States, or use my favorite option to make fast money online: eBay!

8. Say goodbye to your cell phone and all its componentsbest money making apps

If you do not know how to make money fast, consider selling your cell phone, but not the one you use at this time, but anyone you have left home. There are many good options today to win some fast weights with these items, even with those that are broken. Google search “Sell my cell” and see how many pages appear for it. Here you only have to enter the information of your terminal (the model, operating system, its memory) and its current condition to know what amount of money will give you for it.
Then you just have to send, and they’ll put the money in your account in a couple of days. But if your phone no longer serves as a paperweight, there are also places where you pay for it or its components! If your phone is dead or just broken, there are stores and recycling websites that will buy it to make new parts for other terminals or that will fix it to sell it to other people. Even in these places they sometimes buy only the battery or chargers to recycle or re-sell them.
And you, have you ever tried one of these methods, or do you have other tricks to make money fast?

MoneyGator Staff

MoneyGator teaches people how to make better money moves. Whether the focus is to make more money, save more money or better manage your finances, having a series of money moves will support your financial goals.
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