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How To Make Money Online (4 Legit Ways)

how to make money online

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Wondering how to make money online? Here are some of the best ways you can earn money online without investing a dime.

Surely it has happened to you like everyone else when you search the internet to make money, you fill up the ad screen, pop-ups that promise to earn $300 dollars in a day, and others that assure you that you can be rich on the Internet without having special knowledge and from your house!

But is it true what they promise?

Unfortunately, and as the saying goes:  not everything that shines is gold, and in this case, the “easy money” is often nothing more than false hope.

So I’ve set out to find, evaluate and test the true methods for you to learn how to earn money

  • Without investment.
  • Without special knowledge.
  • Without time (free) to dedicate yourself to it

But above all, without the typical commercial discourse, without the “blah blah blah …” to sell you something and without deception.

In this post, I’m going to talk only about methods that DO WORK.

If I find one that is a scam, I will say it very clearly. And if these do not allow you to earn more than $25 per month, dedicating one hour a day, I will also indicate it very clearly.

Here, in this article, I present you 4 ideas to earn money.

1. Give your opinion and receive money for it: paid surveys.

inboxdollars make money

As the name says, this method requires you to take surveys or online interviews in exchange for money . For some websites, you will receive some points that you can then exchange for money (usually via PayPal), checks, gifts or gift cards.

You earn between 10 cents and $50 for each survey you answer, and that can take you up to 15 minutes. Obviously, you will not get rich just by responding to surveys, but it is a way to get extra income per month .

In the US, these are some paid survey websites:

  • MySurvey : They conduct surveys by phone, mail or online and you can redeem the points for money via PayPal, or by gift card to redeem in stores (Amazon, Best Buy, Walmart) or you can make donations to major charities. If you are in the US then this is one of the best survey websites.
  • Toluna : An attractive interface with fun polls. You can choose payment in cash (bank transfer) or with gift cards to use in your online stores (Amazon, Target, Best Buy, etc).
  • Swagbucks: One of my favorite survey pages. A large variety of surveys and in different categories and they make payments via PayPal.
  • Another website that I like very much and that is available in several countries is Survey Junkie. You can earn money by taking surveys, watching videos, completing tasks, trying new products, etc … It also has a very cool interface!
  • With InboxDollars you could earn money mainly by watching advertisements but now the most interesting sections are surveys, videos, games, and searching.

You will find more information and more recommended survey sites and ways to earn money in this article on the best money apps.

2. Earn money every time you spend it. Cashback pays.

how to make 400 dollars

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Getting cash back is simply the getting back money you spent on your purchases made online. For this, you have to register on a cashback website, for example, Paribus, all you do is sign up once and you’ll get cash back everytime there is a price change.

Another option is Ebates and when you make your purchase (there are more than 500 stores available), an amount will automatically be added to your balance in your Ebates account. The amount returned depends on the store where you make the purchase, the cashback can range from 3% to 30%. 

Among the associated companies (for purchases) on Ebates, you can find Amazon, Ebay, Best Buy, JCPenny, Macy’s, Dicks, Walmart, Traget,, and much much more.

Do you want to know about the cashback sites? Then, read this article 🙂

3. Read some advertising emails.

make $300 fast

It’s easy enough to guess how this method works, right? You just have to read some emails.  As simple as that. Well, most of those emails take you to visit a web page or the registration in an offer, as a condition to receive a payout.

With this, you will not get rich, but you can earn a few dollars a month. Specifically, these websites pay a few cents for each email you read.

The most popular site that allows you to earn money with this method is MindsPay.

In this article, MoneyPantry will tell you more about pages to earn money reading emails and watching advertisements.

4. For once market research companies pay you (and does not make you spend)

Did you think that advertising was just to spend your money on buying things? And if I told you that watching advertising ads you can receive a little money.

Would you call me crazy?

Well, no. There are online companies that pay you to see ads. Well, they really pay you for clicking on these ads. Normally, they give you between 1 cent euros and 1 dollar for each click.

Okay, I know it’s not much, and of course, it’s not very tempting to be giving clicks every time ads that do not care much….

BUT the good thing is that it’s free, it does not require special knowledge and you can start … now! Of course, you have to be patient, be patient and understand that you will not get much, maximum 10 bucks per month for each website where you have registered.

If this method suits you, I have a tip: sign up on several websites that offer this, and multiply your income too!

Here I leave the two most popular website:

  • Swagbucks: It no longer offers advertisements, but you can make money with surveys, tasks, games, etc.
  • InboxDollars: With InboxDollars, you get paid by clicking ads on emails. You can also earn money from surveys, games, watching videos, completing offers, and more

Beware, you will see many testimonials from people who make a lot of money with these websites, the truth is that they earn a lot because they recruit a lot of referrals. Not because they spend 37 hours a day watching ads.

Read this article to know the 11 best pages to earn money watching ads.


Interested in a personal loan?

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